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Poll Dorset—The Ultimate Prime Lamb Sire Breed

The Poll Dorset is a short wool, meat producing animal, and is the most popular terminal sire for the production of prime lambs in Australia



/edit/images/LAMBS_2.JPGPoll Dorset—Progressive, Productive, Profitable

• Early maturity—lambs can be “finished” and market ready at a younger age
• High growth rates—leading to quicker turnoff at targeted market weights
• Outstanding muscling—resulting in high yielding carcases
• Ideal fat to muscle ratios—maintaining consumer appeal and taste acceptance

/edit/images/CARCASES.JPGPoll Dorset—Perfect for all markets

Poll Dorset sired lambs are renowned for their superior taste and tenderness, and are sought after by butchers in all market levels.

Poll Dorset sires enable prime lamb producers to sell early suckers and trade weight for the domestic market, through to large export weight lambs.

2014 May Journal





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